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October 29, 2013

So after having this disposable camera in my bag at all times for the past 4 months, it was interesting to see what photos I had snapped up. Some of the photos I came out with were nice to see, as they made me remember a few things that I had completely forgotten about. The first photo was from the day we scattered my grandmothers ashes.  The whole family went on a boat trip and it was a really nice day to reflect on everything, such a beautiful send off to a beautiful lady. The second photo is from when I came to visit Ryan back in Cardiff over Summer, we went to this place called Cosmeston Lakes. It was so nice there and I definitely cannot wait to pay it a visit again next Summer. I just hope the scary animation of a priest in the medieval village section doesn't creep me out again! The third photo was from a trip to Bristol. It was one of my favourite days, and my disposable was a lucky little thing for being able to tag along. The photo is of these cute apartments that were pastel pink and gated off, which made them seem really precious. But the scruffy-ness of the surroundings completely juxtaposed how pretty they were, it actually looked beautiful. The final photograph is from this place called Bunkhouse in Cardiff. It is full of dainty little things, fairy lights, cider, oh and beds- so cosy! 

I think I'm going to make it a rule from now on that everywhere I go over the next few years, a disposable camera will stay in my bag and come with me. Even if it is a trip to the corner shop, who knows what I will see! 

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Topshop Autumn / Winter Trends

October 24, 2013

no.1 Dark Craft
I love dark clothes, even in Summer I find myself wearing all black! After browsing this trend on the Topshop website, I am finding it hard to resist the urge to click add to basket for everything. It's a trend that stands out with loads of lace textures, glitter, and dark prints. My favourite things, especially when it is redeemed acceptable to mix and match them all together. There is nothing better than teaming those three things up with bright lipstick, ideal for a night out or even a day when you feel like a change and putting some effort in! This is the ideal outfit that I would very much so like in my life please from the Dark Craft trend.

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Lips in Trigger, Fluffy Knitted Jumper, Autumn Floral Tea Dress, Velvet Lace Up Shoes.

no.2 This is England
For this trend it seems Topshop have gone to the past and bought back the English essentials from the 80's. Leather, double denim, faux fur are all over this trend. It comes across with quite an androgynous feel, making a laid back effortless look up there with the trends. Think Agyness Deyn, mixed with a big of Alexa Chung. Now, my ideal outfit from the This is England trend.

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Pork Pie Hat, Airforce MA1 Bomber Jacket, White Ankle Pop Socks, Andromeda Lace Up Boots, Moto Mom Jeans,  Linen Mix Stripe Tee

no.3 Margots World
Pastel colours are everywhere, and they will always have a place in my life! This trend is the most feminine out of the trends, and it has a feel of mixing vintage with preppy. It has a fairy tale vibe going through it, full of dainty cute pieces. Out of all of the trends, this was the hardest one to come up with just one outfit, so instead I am giving you an insight to my favourite things from the trend. 

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Nails in Bashful, 50's Bralet, Knitted Angora Cable Jumper, Martie T Bar Geek Shoes.  

Well done Topshop, you have impressed me

Chaiholics, Cardiff

After an afternoon of charity shopping with Ryan, we accidentally came across this cute little place called Chaiholics. If you know me, you know how much I enjoy a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks/ Nero/ Costa, so to find a place that is dedicated to different types of Chai I was more than over the moon. It's located in a tiny little arcade sort of thing called the Globe on Wellfield Road, but it stands out immediately so you cannot avoid it! To begin with, we were overwhelmed by the amount of choice.  I went for the classic Masala Chai, and I do not regret my choice one bit! As weird as it sounds, it tastes so earthly and natural, not over done with sweeteners which I feel is the problem with the standard Chai from generic places. First I thought it would just be a place I would go to when it was freezing cold, but on another visit when it was relatively warm ( I know, weird for Cardiff), we came across the Iced Chai Tea's. I went for the Very Berries, which was so good that my mouth is watering whilst typing this right now. The staff and the owner made the experience here even more lovelier than a standard tea house. They talk to you on a personal level, and go through everything with you on the menu. We were also greeted with a lovely complimentary cake on our second visit from the owner, who even came over for a little chat with us because he recognised us from previous visits. Check out the website here, and just look at how amazing the menu is!


I've not really been up to date with this blog lately, I reverted back to my Tumblr for a bit but I am back on Blogspot now for good! ( I promise). I've had a busy few weeks/ months but I am finally back in Cardiff in my second year of Uni. It is ridiculous how much work there is in comparison to first year, I am already feeling nervous for the amount of work Uni will pile on us next year! I also luckily got a job at New Look in Cardiff. If anyone is looking for a job at the moment I literally suggest you force your CV's on people, I spent most of Summer at home finding a job for when I returned, and luckily I got this one within the first 2 weeks of being there. Just be honest with employers about hours, I've been really lucky with mine. Whilst being at Uni, it is tough to find a job that suits the hours you want so just be honest about your availability instead of getting one million times more stressed about Uni work piling up!

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