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January 27, 2014

 So first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check out all of the Grammys hype. I defo understand why there was such a hype over Beyonce and Jay Z's performance of Drunk In Love. They are the ultimate power couple! If you haven't checked it out yet you need to. 


So this week I am back to Uni. Luckily I have Mondays off which is the dream, hello 3 day weekend! I do not have seminars this week though thankfully either, so I'm planning a trip down to the beach if it stops raining to take some pictures for you guys! I'm also going back to Birmingham the weekend coming up which I am super excited about, it seems like it was a long long time a go since I saw family and friends! But I've finally downloaded the Blogger app on my phone which will force me to update more often, especially when it comes to how much free time I have with Uni and my lack of employment!

f u t u r e h o m e p l z

January 26, 2014

s t y l e e n v y



Can everybody just take a second to appreciate how well Alexa Chung dresses, please? 

Inside My Bag

1)Blott Notepad - £2.99
2)New Look Mittens - £7.99
3)H&M Umbrella -  £8.99
4)New Look Purse - £12.99
6)Cherry Airwaves
7)My House Keys

1)Blott Notepad - £2.99-  I'm the most forgetful and stressful person hence why the notepad in my bag at all times. It helps me so much with my little stresses, I put everything in there - from things to do at Uni, things to do with money/bills. So so helpful and such a cute little design from Blott!
2)New Look Mittens - £7.99- These mittens are so cute. They stay in my bag at all times, it is too cold this time of the year to let my hands suffer! For the price they are perfect, but they only really go well with my denim jacket rather than my fur coats which can be kind of problematic sometimes. 
3)H&M Umbrella -  £8.99- Living in Wales it is vital to have an umbrella in your bag at all times.  It rains in Cardiff practically every day. This is like the 7th umbrella I have had to buy whilst living here, I hope this one lasts.
4)New Look Purse - £12.99- This was meant to be a temporary purse because I broke my last one and for the price it was a steal. It has actually grown on me with its ugly floral pattern and glitter overlay it is faaaaab.
5)Mac Compact Mirror - £8.50- This is the only compact mirror that I have not yet dropped or broken. 
It is essential to keep a compact mirror in your bag at all times, especially when you're a fan of bright lipstick!
6)Cherry Airwaves- My favourite gum, it will always have a place in my handbag.
7)My House Keys- I was instantly in love with this keyring when I first saw it! I bought it from  Evolution in Birmingham a cute little shop with dainty things. If i lose my keys, I think I would be more gutted about losing this keyring rather than having to pay ££££ for a new set of keys.

summer time sadness

summer time sadness

So exams have finished, I am finally free! Well I say I'm finally free, but with Uni  starting again on Tuesday I don't know how much free time I will actually be havingSo I guess you have a few days of me posting because I have so much spare time. 

This outfit set I created is literally me just missing Summer and hopelessly planning clothes that are more than ideal. Awkward how I'm saying these clothes are ideal for Summer, when it consists of dark  colours, but even in Summer I cannot drag myself away! Everything here is from Topshop, apart from the Mac Cosmetics. I'm a big sucker when it comes to both Mac and Topshop, just take a look at the cute little pastel blue satchel and you can understand why! The colour pallet is so odd but yet okay, I just want Summer to hurry on up now so I can mess around with pallets like this! 


Models 1 : New Faces// My Favourites

Alexander Goebel, Angus Mcguinness, Cameron Manocheo, George Mowlam, Jack Newton.

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