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Orlando Weeks Appreciation Post

April 21, 2014

Duke Of Delhi

So many of you probably know I've been back in Birmingham for about a week now to work back at Meecha. Right next to us, there has been a pop up store full of fresh new and quirky businesses and it has been interesting seeing these businesses gain the attention that they all fully deserve. One of the many within the pop up that caught my eye was Duke of Delhi, and let me just tell you that their concept is amazing.

They combine different flavours of chocolate with bombay mix, which gives it a lovely crunch and heavenly texture. It is mad to think that this has not been done before and that they are the only ones who do it, because it literally tastes insane! After one of my work colleagues tried the 'milk chocolate and orange flavour' I was more than excited to get my hands on a bar myself.  I opted for the 'milk chocolate and Indian cinnamon' flavour, and boy oh boy it was heaaaven! I love cinnamon so much so this bar of chocolate had really high expectations to fill. As soon as I unravelled the bar and dug in, it felt like a chocolate chai tea latte in my mouth with hints of Christmas and warmth at the same time. My expectations were fulfilled. Unfortunately though, I ate that bar in like 10 minutes straight away because it was so good, and had been craving more ever since!

The lovely owner of Duke of Delhi came over today to me at work though and fulfilled my craving and  gave me another bar! How lovely? Thanks ever so much! This time it was 'dark chocolate and toasted coconut', and that has gone in the space of 10 minutes too! I even found it too hard taking pictures for you guys without eating it! Don't worry though, I resisted the temptation!  I'm not usually a fan of dark chocolate and find it too rich a majority of the time, but the coconut essence makes this one simply divine! After offering my mom and brother a piece, we found ourselves fighting over the rest of the bar - that is how good it tasted.

As soon as my student loan comes in, I will be treating myself to so much of this chocolate! It is my aim to try every single product they have, and I promise to keep you all posted on the flavours that I get my claws into!

Anyway, here are a few snaps to make you jealous of the chocolately goodness:


Check out their website here, and give them a follow on Twitter to keep up to date! 
Let me know how your Duke of Delhi experience goes.

(p.s- sorry for the picture quality, I left my SLR in Cardiff so these are taken on my phone!)

Sunday Wishlist

April 20, 2014
sunday wishlist

You know how I said I was going to do loads of work today? And I even came up with a playlist to get me through it? Yeah, well that didn't happen. Woops. Instead I'm just getting ready for bed and thought I'd do a cheeky little wish list, just so you can all see what I'm quite fancying right now! 

We've luckily had a few days of sunshine which has been absolutely fabulous! We all know British weather though, and how it is so unpredictable and we've unfortunately been graced with heaps of rain today. Typical on my day off work right? So I guess this wish list is my way of latching onto any glimmer of hope that there will be some more sunshine this week! 

These shorts are the main statement piece, and they are absolutely stunning! The colours and the cut both work so well together leaving a serious bohemian feel to them. Statement shorts are something that I can see myself investing in for this Summer, the louder the better in my eyes! With something so bold in the grid, I thought mixing it up with simple jewellery and accessories would be the best! The Vivienne Westwood watch and handbag are things that I have been lusting over for such a long long time, Viv can do no wrong! I've also been keen on the Pandora birth stone ring for as long as I can remember, its so dainty and sweet - two things that I absolutely love when it comes to rings! Being a December baby means I can luckily get my hands on a turquoise blue stone - which is my fave colour! When it comes to the shoes, you can probably tell from all my posts I am a huge lover of the chunky sort! Even on warm days I love boots, they look super sassy and these ones from Asos are heaaaven! Pairing them up with a pair of frilly socks peaking through the boot would literally add the final touches to this outfit. How about the the lace cami crop? Well yeah, I  may just have to make it a cheeky little purchase before I start work tomorrow. Lace + cami + crop, need I say more?

Todays Playlist

Okay so today I am spending my day doing research for the 3 essays that I have due. I know its bank holiday weekend and Easter, but I've been working my whole time back at home so today is dedicated to uni work. How boring. But heres my playlist that is getting me through all this work!

Bon Iver - Holocene

Keaton Henson- You

Bombay Bicycle Club- Flaws

Incubus- Warning

The Weeknd- Twenty Eight

Ry X- Berlin

Foals- Spanish Sahara

The Maccabees- Precious Time

Alt- J - Tessellate 

James Blake- Retrograde

The Specials- Too Much Too Young

Hope you're all enjoying your Easter weekend off!

Keaton Henson

April 19, 2014

You can probably remember me doing a post on Keaton Henson when I first started this blog. But as this blog has progressed so has my love for Keaton Henson. What a talented guy he is. Theres something just so ridiculously addictive about all his songs, that even now I find myself listening to his albums on repeat. 

According to his website, Keaton Henson spends time alone, writing songs and sometimes drawing, he doesn't like talking about himself. I think this sentence pretty much sums up why I consider him to be amazing. He isn't about fuss, he literally lets his music and art do the talking and boy oh boy he does it so well! 

I've tried to keep this post short and sweet like Henson. All I'm trying to say is basically check out Keaton Henson and I promise that you wont regret it. Pinky promise. 

Tenkaichi Review // Oh Dear

April 16, 2014

So in many of my posts you have probably noticed how excited I have been to try out Tenkaichi. It's a modern looking Japanese restaurant on City Road within Cardiff, and it seriously draws your attention straight away. So finally we decided to give it a go, in some ways it was like my last supper before coming back to Birmingham. Being super keen, I thought it would be a great idea to book a table so we wouldn't be disappointed like last time when we were turned away.

As soon as we got there, it seemed chaotic which was not a great way to be greeted. Not only was the chaotic atmosphere off putting, but so was the fact that our booked table was completely ignored. Instead we were crammed up between other people and had to stare at our name tag on a separate table, which was soon taken up by other people. Annoyed is an understatement.

The food was fairly pricey for the location. I love bento boxes, especially from Mt Fuji and find myself paying less there. I paid £14 for my teriyaki chicken bento box and a glass of coke at Tenkaichi. I'm not the sort of girl who minds paying money like that for a decent meal and drink, if anything that is average to me. But when everything tastes like salt, the sushi is crumbling apart in my bento box and the chicken is like tough rubber I become a very unhappy girl! 

Oh as well, ordering a coke seemed like a major dilemma too. The waitress came over with a beer for me and I was adamant that I didn't order one, and finally she caved in to give me a coke. Unfortunately the beer was left on the bill, and a lot of hassle was put into trying to remove it that we pretty much gave up.

Basically the moral of this post is that I was really let down by Tenkaichi which is a massive shame. It has so much potential but the whole chaotic atmosphere and lack of communication between staff is more than apparent. Safe to say I will not be visiting there again!



April 10, 2014
So you can probably tell I have been blogging quite a lot lately! I don't quite know why or how it's happened but it has and I'm quite enjoying letting you all into bits of my life! It's the last day of term tomorrow and I couldn't be more grateful! It has been seriously stressful. I get Feedback on one of my essays which I can tell that quite frankly I have done horrendous in but at least it's one more out of the way! In the evening to drown my sorrows on results I am going to indulge in large amounts of food at Tenkaichi - finally! Keep your eyes open for a post on that because I have been waiting for this moment for a long long time!

Heading back home on Sunday is making me feel really excited about some of the things I have coming up soon. I only have 3 more deadlines due after Easter and 0 exams so Summer is pretty much going to come round super fast. Remember I mentioned that I met someone after the ball and got their business card? I've finally confirmed details and dates and will be doing one month works experience with them in the start of May. This is seriously going to open my eyes to what I want to do! Working for my Mom for as long as I can remember has meant that I have been able to pick up a few cheeky contacts a long the way too. So I'm just waiting for responses off two more companies to see if they can offer me a few weeks of experience as well, the more the merrier! 

 I'm hoping this Summer will entail of some sort of holiday, me and Ryan have been looking at Malta and it looks so magical but it will most likely be a last minute thing.  I guess that makes it all that more exciting! I'm hoping to go to Holland for a week too but that as well will be very last minute. Another exciting thing that I've only picked up on over the past few days and need to share with you all is that me and two other girls off my course are going to put ourselves forward as a group collective to become the fashion editors of our uni magazine! It's quite exciting and we already have a few ideas lined up so fingers crossed we can get this gals! 

What have you all got planned for Summer? Spontaneous or planned? 

The Jelly Shoe Debate

April 09, 2014
jelly shoe debate

Jelly shoes are extremely popular at the minute and I am a huge huge fan! They look so cute and feminine and look so perfect on summery days! I remember when I was a little girl I had many pairs and my mom told me how ridiculously cheap they were and how I used to wear them with frilly socks. Something I would even do today! With brands like JuJu offering them at quite an expensive price, it is not hard to see why people think they are not worth the money. I mean realistically they are just plastic shoes, but plastic shoes that look amazing! Shop around, places like New Look offer alternatives for a fraction of the price which is fab! They are really nice to style up when it comes to wearing summery dresses and jeans. In my view they are fucking amazing. What do you think? Are you a fan of the jelly shoe, yes or no?

top 5 ladies


I've always been a huge fan of Urban Outfitters and it has been one of my favourite shops for a very very long time. After having the opportunity to work for them my love for them grew even more and I still find myself spending silly amounts of money there and come home with zero regrets. Everything about them is extremely creative and diversified, two things that I absolutely love.

The Collective UO Journals are something that I feel extremely excited about, and I thought it would be great to share issue #2 with you all. A merging of lines between Tokyo and Big Sur, this feature pretty much brings you the dream. Featuring extremely talented photographer Jack Johnstone,  ideas of escape at a peaceful and lustful level are apparent. He encapsulates this extremely well to capture such beautiful imagery, I am a huge fan right now.   Don't be afraid to check out his own blog here.

I'm super excited for the next issue, are you?
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Todays Mood Board

So today the whole population of Cardiff and Swansea students are toddling off to this thing called Varsity which is actually pretty much everything I hate in one event. Groups of loud mouthy students chanting songs fucked out of their faces and letting off fireworks in the streets mid day are not my ideas of fun, but each to their own hey! I was not cut out for this university lifestyle in Cardiff.  But luckily the sun is shining and I've finished my seminar for the day but I'm sat behind in the library blogging/writing articles and listening to Bombay Bicycle Club just in attempt to avoid the bullshit outside. This is today's mood board - pretty+pastel= perfection

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