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June 29, 2014

So Julian Assange is going to be walking for the lovely Ben Westwood at LFW. Shock horror, Assange is making his debut catwalk appearance! Since studying about Assange and his WikiLeaks ways I have pretty much been ridiculously fascinated about this guy, and Westwood getting Assange involved with his catwalk at LFW pretty much proves that I'm not the only one fascinated. I'll admit it, I didn't know too much about Assange until I had an exam based on media in society and how media outlets manipulate us into a false perception of reality. Luckily one topic was Assange, I willingly spent days on end revising and I somehow enjoyed my revision sessions when it came to exploring the controversy surrounding him. This controversy must run in the Westwood blood, being the son of Vivienne herself it is clear to see that he too is not shying away from making statements like his moma bear! Why Assange for LFW though? Well you see, Westwood like myself believes that the treatment of Assange is NOT cool, and he wants to highlight this so the name Assange doesn't just simply disappear because society makes it and moulds it into complete negativity. I am more than excited to see how Assange at LFW goes down, and to super stoked to check out the collection that he has inspired for Westwood!


June 24, 2014

So I'm back in Birmingham and unpacking and getting used to living with my mom and brother again has taken a fair bit of effort after living on my own for so so long! As of tomorrow though I am back to work which will hopefully get me into more of a routine and will help me save up and get excited for my Summer plans that I have in mind for next year! I just thought I'd pop up a post which is a collage of my latest snaps off my Instagram incase any of you are interested in my life outside of this blog! If you fancy giving me a follow go ahead - I don't bite I promise! Just search for reeniexx or click here :) 

My Instagram Snaps//

1) Number One is of a cheeky little Hello Kitty treat that I had after being dragged into town with Liam. If you know me well then you know how much I love Hello Kitty, I practically grew up surrounded by so much Hello Kitty and only now all of my collectors items have been passed down to my cousins cute little baby which I hope more than anything that she will enjoy playing around with them! At least they are in safe hands and it is nice to see them being passed down.

2) Number Two is my OOTD for today, which is extremely casual and simple at the same time! I'm trying to go for more of a minimalistic look these days and popping some colour and statement feels in with bright lipsticks and crazy amounts of jewellery - basically how I was back in my college days! A girl can never go wrong with bright lipstick and tacky jewellery - the more the better! 

3) Number Three is a snap of my most treasured items on a stand in my room back in Birmingham! It features my record player, my cameras, magazines, my buddha money bank and all of my records. My room looks extremely minimalistic right now but I'm thinking it will make it so much easier when it comes to packing back up in September to move back to Cardiff again!

4) Number Four is a picture of the most insane chocolate fudge cake I have ever indulged in! On one of the days during my intern I got to the office to find that we were going to the pub for food and drinks to say goodbye nicely! We went to the Crwys and the sunshine was out so we all chilled in the beer garden which was lovely, even though I had plenty of envious eyes on my cake!

5) Number Five is something that many of you probably wont get unless you were in my Graphics A Level class. When unpacking and sorting through my old stuff I came across some of my old sketchbooks from college and it got me feeling all cute and stuff about how fun everyone was in my class and how many memories that I have with many of you! 

6) Number Six is a fair well snap of one of my favourite bars in Cardiff (until September) called Buffalo Bar. It is pretty much my second home and has really chilled vibes and if you ever visit Cardiff and don't check out Buffalo I will be super disappointed in you!


June 21, 2014

Please excuse the ultimate bitch moody face in these pictures, when it comes to these OOTD posts I never quite know what to do with myself! I've said sorry now for looking like a moody cow so lets ramble on about what I wore! This is actually yesterdays OOTD but I didn't quite have time to post it because of chills and packing up to move back home. Yesterday was such a nice day the sun was shining, and me and my housemate cleaned the garden after the party a couple of weeks back because it was in the biggest state ever. Well done us because it actually looks slightly pretty now! 

My dress I'm wearing is becoming the love of my life, not even joking! After attending the Chrissie Pegg bloggers event I was given a gift card from the lovely guys at St Davids Shopping Centre so decided I'd spend it on cute little dresses and this was one of them from H&M! I got it two sizes bigger purely because it was the last one in H&M, but luckily I have managed to tie the straps together at the back so it has a halter neck-esque vibe to it! The print has a very mosaic feel to it which I find very exciting to play around with when it comes to heaps of jewellery (my absolute fave). Loads of chunky rings, one too many bracelets and over the top ear rings and I am in my absolute element! The JuJus I'm wearing have become one of my essential items of Summer, so comfy and pretty as fuck so I'm defo going to have to invest in different colours over this Summer! It was quite a pickle when it came to deciding between clear and black JuJu's, but the clear glittery ones stole my heart and they just seem to go with so much more in my wardrobe when the sun is shining!

//Dress: H&M £6.99 // JuJu Jelly Shoes: £25 // Anklet: Topshop £7.99// 


June 17, 2014
I'm leaving Cardiff on Sunday so for the next few days my aim is to get the most out of the beach life. We don't have that in Birmingham :( Today I had a lovely trip down to Penarth which is a cute little place, I'll prevent myself from any rambling so here are a few cheeky snaps for you!


June 14, 2014
l u s t l i s t

Hope you're all enjoying the sun, I'm loving it more than life right now it is absolutely b e a u t i f u l! I've just finished my internship at a pr&marketing company and now I have one more week in Cardiff to chill before I get back to Birmingham and start some more work & work experience! So basically fingers crossed that mr sun doesn't decide to fuck off! Today I've been chilling with Ryan x2 and Eira, we went on a massive road trip blasting A Day To Remember and chilled out on a few beaches which was really nice considering Birmingham doesn't have that beach life to offer. We've just finished our cute BBQ and now they're all watching football and I cannot cope with that nonsense so I've turned to my mac to create a cheeky little lust list for you guys to lurk on! Everything on here is absolutely perfect for sunny days, I know you're probably thinking how is a jumper ideal? Don't worry, I've thought this through! Number one, it's Kenzo, number two it is perrrfeeeccctooo for late nights in the sun!

Whats the sun making you lust over? Any clothes in particular, or is it only me that the sun has that impact on?


June 02, 2014
c o l o u r c l a s h

One thing that I'm absolutely loving right now is colour clashing. The bolder the clash the better in my eyes! Red and turquoise work so unwell together that it makes it quite well? Plus I am completely and utterly in love with this dress! Motel do nothing wrong in my eyes and this dress is just absolute proof of this. Me and the girls in my house are planning a ridiculous house party this weekend and this dress just seems so perfect for it, I'll be keeping my eye out to see if anything beats it but I can see that being quite a tough task! The bag featured in this look is so pretty and handy at the same time, especially when I'm the sort of girl that carries so much in her bag! I always struggle to find a bag that feels sturdy enough for my SLR and polaroid camera so often avoid taking them out at the same time, but this one looks cute as fuck and secure at the same time! Vagabond boots are still something that I have not got in my life. I don't understand why I haven't made a purchase yet because they are just fucking beautiful gah! They will be next, I promise! When it comes to jewellery, Vivienne Westwood accessories are an essential for every girl, with my 21st this year Viv's will be all over my wishlist.

Are you a colour clasher or not?

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