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August 31, 2014
So after getting my hands on some tickets for A Day To Remember after they cancelled their first gig in Cardiff, it is safe to say that I was beyond stoked. They have been one of my favourite bands for literally as long as I remember. I spent my teenage years whining along to 'You Had Me At Hello' and getting incredibly drunk and thinking I was a full time mosher to their heavier shit (I'm still guilty of this). I've always enjoyed their music, and there is not one thing I could fault with these guys so the day couldn't come quick enough as far as I was concerned! Oh, maybe I should mention that The Architects were supporting too - perfect support act in my eyes!

I traveled back to Cardiff, spent the day having a few drinks and catching up with my old housemate anticipating what ADTR would have lined up for us. A few drinks probably weren't a good idea considering that as soon as I got to the venue I had lost my ticket in the space of 2 minutes. This is so out of character for me as I was guarding it with my whole life all day! But luckily the guys at box office were babes and could probably see I was on the verge of tears and hooked me up with a new ticket.

I was a bit reluctant about it being at Motorpoint Arena, when it comes to gigs I prefer a more intimate atmosphere. Luckily, they pulled it off and this gig felt ridiculously intimate despite cramming 7600 people into one room! So intimate that I even had Jeremy on my head! They opened up with 'The Downfall of Us All' which had both classic ADTR fans going and the new ones. It was an incredible set and there was a lovely mix between their old tracks and their new ones, and to every song I have to admit I was that girl screaming " OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG". I have no shame.

So here are a few pics and a few videos from the night. The quality isn't that great because I was loving life way too much to get that perfect angle. But here ya go, ADTR had perfect vibes all round.


smart casual

You could say that I'm getting old (I'm hitting the milestone of 21) or you could say that I've finally realised that dressing smart can look pretty fabulous and not so lame! I plucked up the courage and finally invested in a smart-ish jacket that will work in my favour when it comes to those days that I don't fancy looking like the 14 year old girl that I usually look like! It makes a change considering I'm a fur coat sort of lover (faux fur may I add!) and that denim jackets take up about 70% of my jacket situation in the wardrobe. I'm loving how both designer and the high street are all over this smart jacket trend these days, especially when it comes in a boyfriend blazer fit like this tartan one in this outfit grid! 

This jacket is than ideal when smartening up a look such as when it comes those scary interviews that you never quite know what to wear! I find myself in that situation a lot of the time and it is crazy to think that one statement piece like this jacket could pretty much make a smart look! Plus smarter jackets even work for a laid back casual look with those torn jeans! Mmm! This outfit grid pretty much consists of black (just like my whole wardrobe) but just shows how classy black can look when you go to the opposite end of the scale rather than the emo scale. I tend to go for the more emo looking black ( I have no shame, I'm a sucker for stripes and black velvet) but smart black is going to make up a huge proportion of my wardrobe this season and boy oh boy, I am excited! 


August 12, 2014
Ever so often I find myself realising there are some songs that I just will never ever ever ever get bored of! I can literally imagine myself in 50 years still sitting around listening to these songs, I mean come on I can play them over and over silly amounts and never get bored of them! Here is a little playlist of these songs!

The Weeknd - Twenty Eight
Funny story as to how I love this song, me and one of the girls had some after night out drinks back at our flat in freshers and I remember just one of the guys playing a twenty eight second sample of this track and being completely mesmerised and anticipating the release of this album and song because of how fucking perfect it is. Abel is one talented guy for sure and this song is just perfecto!

Keaton Henson- Sweetheart What Have You Done To Us?
If you know me, then you will know that I have this huge soft spot for Mr Henson. I just find his whole persona extremely fascinating and his music incredibly deep and personal to his own emotions. Wow I sound like a sap! But no seriously, Keaton is uber talented so give him a listen and I promise you wont regret it. If you're an illustration fan then you need to check out his art too, it is incred!

A Day to Remember- The Downfall Of Us All
I'm seeing these guys this month and excited is an understatement! Pop punk is one of my fave genres of music, pop punk 4eva \m/.

Metronomy- Everything Goes My Way
I remember when I was like 15 and flicking through those shitty music channels that bands sent their own videos into and I came across these guys and since then I have never looked back. I fulfilled my dream Reading Fest 2012 and saw them which was pretty cool but this song chills me out man.

Blink 182 - First Date
If you don't like Blink then I don't like you- simple as! Nah thats a bit harsh, but I do find it tough to understand when people don't like these guys! First Date is one of my faves and they are the main reason I am gutted about not going to Reading Fest this year!

The Maccabees - Toothpaste Kisses
A band that I really need to see a few more times! Putting aside my major fan girling love for Orlando Weeks, these guys are incredible and this song is super sweet. Fair play!

Foals - Spanish Sahara
Listening to this on vinyl is just like heaven to my ears. Foals have been one of my fave bands for as long as I can remember and I shamefully regret my teenage years of yelling "YANNIS YOU SEXY BASTARD" at their gigs. Wow me. 

Bombay Bicycle Club- Flaws
Nah man, can't even go on to describe this with copious amounts of words. All I can say it beautiful!

Any songs that you guys will NEVER get bored of? Hook me up, I'd love a listen!  


This Summer has been so hectic, and I am super sorry for not posting much whilst being back in Birmingham! I've literally been working a lot living the bubble tea and froyo dream, catching up with friends, getting a bit of work experience with my mom, doing some guest blogging elsewhere and traveling back and forth to Cardiff! But if any of you have missed me blogging, I'll be up to date more now - I promise! I've got a nice few things lined up over the next few weeks (including A Day To Remember which I am super stoked for) and before I know it I will be back in Cardiff and I think we can all agree that I am a more frequent blogger there! I guess us students have a lot of time on our hands but hopefully I'll be dedicating my spare time next year into finding a cheeky little job and exploring nice places because its kind of scary that I will be a full time adult soon! It's so crazy how fast this Summer has gone and that I've only got one more year left of uni, but I am very excited to say the least to get uni out of the way and start thinking about my future. After a recent trip to London I have decided my future has to be in London, I'm currently looking at fashion communication post graduate courses so wish me luck! 

(pssst give me a follow on Instagram if you miss me, I guess it will keep you slightly updated over @reeniexx )

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