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July 27, 2015

If you've been keeping an eye on my blog then you will know my love for Keaton Henson. I have to say he is up there as an artist - visually, lyrically, and musically. I've had one of those days where I've felt a bit crappy and listening to Keaton Henson & looking through his illustration has made me fall in love with illustration all over again. I keep going through phases where I pick up my sketchbook and feel committed to it but always find myself distracted, but these are the sort of things I feel like I want to focus on for a while now. If you haven't checked him out then I seriously recommend you do, I really can't fucking wait for his book of poetry either! 


Quite a few blogs I've been following lately have been doing this, and it made me realise it would be quite nice to do the same. So here are the 13 things I wish I could have told my younger self. Imagine you could send back these messages?! 

1) It's okay to take risks. However big or small the risk you won't know the consequences unless you try, and often there is no harm in trying. You're only going to hear this at 21 years old, and its crazy to think you've always been so scared of risks before.
2) Failing is okay. Sometimes when you fail at the smallest of things the whole world feels like it's going to end, but realistically it isn't. Accepting failure shouldn't be so tough.
3) Stop stressing about small things! Okay that ones easier said that done, especially when anxiety kicks in because of stress, but half the time stressing isn't going to get you anywhere. Place the negativity of stress into positive actions.
4) This ones more of an observation from seeing people close to me being hurt, but at the one time you feel like everything's going to end because a boy/girl has given up you it seriously isn't. Trust me, theres so much worse going to happen, don't let 'em knock you down!
5) It's okay to take time out from education and focus on having a good time once in a while, after all it's all about balance, right?
6) Your closest friends from your childhood may feel like they're drifting away, but the friendships that are real understand that its' all part of growing up. You may not speak in weeks but that message to meet up ever so often just shows they're true friends.
7) Growing up is really scary and you're going to miss the freedom of your only stress being that essay on Jaws for English Lit. Hit 21 and your stresses will be about bills, bills, oh and more bills! But don't worry, you'll get your head around it.
8) Don't let people talk to you like crap and always stand up for what you believe. Nobody has any power over you to talk to you like shit, everyone is equal after all. 
9) You're going to realise that a lot of what you've done in life is to try and make your mother proud and believe me she is extremely proud, and it is literally such a heart warming feeling seeing your mother proud; especially after what she has been through.
10) People will constantly be coming in and out of your life; family, friends, and all types of relationships. But accept it, everything happens for a reason. 
11) Be kind, theres nothing nicer than people being kind and good karma will come your way.
12) You're going to have those days where you feel shit about how you look and your self esteem is going to be at an all time low because you don't fit somebodies ideal and PMS is completely bitchin' at you. But you'll learn to realise that as long as you're happy within yourself then everything will be okay. 
13) Everything pays off. Those late nights doing essays and revision, all of those summers working away will eventually seem worth it. You'll come out of Uni feeling ridiculously happy with what you've achieved and even be toddling off to your own place soon so always keep in mind that hard work = rewards. 


Woah. I don't know where time has gone, but I did it! I went and did a god damn graduation! Scariest but nicest day of my life. It was so lovely to see everyone proud of what they had achieved and the day was full of shit loads of champagne and cocktails, which in my eyes is the perfect sort of day. If I had it my way graduation would happen at least once a week just so it would be acceptable to be that drunk that often, but also to feel proud of everything that had been achieved. Shout out to JOMEC Class of 2015 man, we did it yo.


June 23, 2015

So belive it or not, I actually did it. I have FINALLY finished my degree. After three years of mixed emotions about the whole thing its crazy to think that it's completely done. I remember moving to Cardiff in first year and having no idea what to expect as it was a city I had never actually visited before and that horrible nervous feeling in my stomach. Now that nervous feelings back again, but this time its because I'm moving back home after three years in this city. Woah.

Admittedly, uni has been one of those things I've wanted to give up on SO many times. That is a massive thing for me because I tend to be a hella motivated sort of girl but sometimes the pressures of trying to do well really can get to you. I think the pressures of always wanting to prove to my mom that she's bought me up well as a single parent has always played a massive part in my whole pressure issues.  In second year I even had a meeting with my tutor to drop out of uni and to move to Bristol because the pressures just seemed next level. But after all the tears and stress of it all,  I'm so glad I didn't and that I stuck to this course.

My degree subject is something I've always been passionate about- Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. More so the cultural aspect of it all, I am a self-proclaimed culture freak. To say I've now finished these three years with a high 2:1 and even somehow managed firsts in all my modules this term, I am overly stoked to say the least. So many people mock my choice of degree and honestly my middle finger is right up at them and creative degrees aren't what they are made out to be. Just putting it out there, I didn't sit in a lecture theatre watching movies all day everyday. I actually had many sleepless nights working away either revising or writing essays. 

Now it's the waiting game for graduation day. Chances are I WILL fall over and embarrass myself but thats quite a common occurrence for me so I'm sure I will be able to deal with it. I can't wait to get absolutely smashed with my fellow JOMEC-ers and celebrate probably the three best years of our lives. Shout out to everyone as well, seems like everyone killed it <3! 


June 09, 2015

We can all agree that ever so often it’s nice to do something daring with your appearance. Byron Hadley James is just the guy that you need to help make that jaw-dropping statement that admittedly everybody fancies achieving. His work is proof that a quirky hair transformation is pretty much the answer to everything. It’s time to forget everything else and let Byron work his magic so that you stand out of the crowd. After all, who doesn’t want to stand out?

With a busy schedule and a hectic diary, I still managed to sneak in a catch up with Byron at the Hair Club Live Open Chair Night at the lovely Buffalo Bar. This whole event highlighted how nerve-wracking it is for talented stylists such as Byron to break out in such a competitive industry. Each stylist had only 10 minutes to showcase their creative abilities to an anticipating audience that was full of face from prestigious brands including TIGI and GHD. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, Byron was the first to take the stage so admittedly a few drinks and chitchat after he worked his magic was most definitely on the cards.

Immediately Byron’s passion for creativity stood out. With his interests starting out as a fashion photographer, it’s as though he was always destined to showcase his creative talents through a variety of platforms. His skills and keen eye for detail and individuality in photography soon developed into a passion for hair, something that he has pursued extremely well.  This was recognised by the SanRizz Academy in London who awarded him with just one of the five scholarships that they had available. Impressive. Such passion and determination showcases that it isn’t just hair to Byron, his edgy techniques transform hair into a quirky piece of art that individuals can then rock.

All of this is evident within his new collection The Coven Of Salem that is set to launch on June 20th. Boasting sharp defined cuts and colours this collection gleams a positive aspect of effortlessness, which gives individuals the ability and confidence to rock their hairstyle with the message that they woke up looking that fabulous. Think 1940’s glamour sprinkled with a dash of raw punk style and that image is exactly what this collection will offer. Dark, edgy, mysterious yet the main thing - beautiful.

As if Byron’s commitment and passion wasn’t enough to get heads turning, guaranteed this collection will be leaving many jaws dropping. It has already caught the attention of many and has been nominated for the NHF Photographic Stylist 2015 awards. Follow Byron’s journey and enter The Coven of Salem yourself, you wont regret it.

Instagram: @HadleyJamez
Twitter: @HadleyJamez
Facebook: Byron Hadley-James


April 02, 2015

Last week we had our final university ball. It's weird because last years feels like it wasn't that long ago, it kind of puts it into perspective how fast time goes. Especially how fast this whole university experience goes. After many dress struggles and stresses over essays it was nice to finally have this evening and chill out with everybody. It was a night full of champagne, chit chat and just acting silly with each other. Oh, and dramatic sing a longs to R Kelly. It was super nice to see everybody putting in the effort to get all dressed up and in one place together. I've always found that our course is full of different personalities, but when we're all together we do get on super well. Damn it, I'm going to miss this bunch!

It's real scary to think that I have pretty much finished uni now. I've got no idea what my future holds but it's safe to say that I've enjoyed my course. Sure I'm going to get people laughing at my degree choice in the future but the fact that I've been educated on things that are real important to our society means I can give them a bit fat FUCK YOU when they try to insult me. I'm thinking about taking the year out to figure out what I want to do, I've always found theres a lot of pressure to figure your life out and I am the sort who crumbles under pressure without a doubt. So for once, I'm letting things come my way and taking it all slowly. After all, I do have the rest of my life to enjoy whatever career path I fancy going down - there is no rush what so ever!

If things do go my way, I want to either get into fashion or music PR. They're both two topics I'm super passionate about and have a fair bit of work experience in so fingers crossed ey! For now, it's time to focus on the final few essays and GRADUATION. Yup, I signed up to the graduation event and the prospect of that is freaking me out so frickin' much. It only feels like it was yesterday my mom was dropping me off in Cardiff in halls and I had those weird nerves. Scary how fast time goes ey!


April 01, 2015

It is more than safe to say that I have had the craziest couple of days. We had our uni ball last week, I had work all weekend and then a deadline this Monday. Oh and to top it off a dental emergency which has been an absolute ball ache too! My stress levels have been ridiculous. But today was the first day I've been able to chill out, and I have also finished uni for the term which means I get to chill out that extra bit more. Well until the other deadlines come rolling in, everyones pretty much gone home now for Easter and I am so stoked to get myself back to Birmingham too! Anyway that is enough of my ramblings, this is todays outfit of the day.

The weather hasn't been the best lately which is annoying considering its Spring. So today I attempted to wrap up warm with a pastel blue turtle neck jumper, a faux leather skirt, my fur coat and my trusty docs. The pastel blue jumper is quite daring for me as I'm not one for colour, so teaming it up with all black meant I was able to creep into my emo-esque comfort zone that teeny bit more. I am obsessed with this leather skirt, like words cannot explain my love for it. Theres cute little suede pockets on it which make it different to the normal leather skirt, H&M did well with this gem. Oh and my dark lips came out today, Mac 'Cyber' wins my heart every single time I wear it.


March 26, 2015


So last week I was lucky enough to get an invite to the St Davids Shopping Centre Spring/Summer 2015 bloggers event. It was at the lovely Wahaca, which weirdly as a self-proclaimed Mexican food addict I had never been to before! But I mainly put that down to the popularity of it, it is always pretty much impossible to get a table there so it was nice to finally give it a go - shows they're doing something right though I guess. It was nice to catch up with other bloggers over heck loads of champagne to see what they have ready for Spring/Summer 2015, and it was nice to have a chit chat with the St Davids stylists too. But I'll tell you what was super nice, getting an insight to what the queen of everything, Vivienne Westwood, has waiting for us.

I've always been a fan of Westwood for as long as I can remember. If you know me well in the slightest then you probably know that culture is one of my biggest fascinations, probably stems down to the degree that I am doing. Every opportunity I've had to explore this magnificent lady I have pretty much jumped on it, I feel bad for those who have had to mark my essays - "Vivienne Westwood this, Vivienne Westwood that"! She is pretty much a British cultural fashion icon who pushes boundaries and makes very bold political and cultural statements with her pieces. What a sassy gal, ey?

What I found interesting when talking to the guys from Vivienne Westwood is how easily we (especially students) get scared of price tags that come along with names like hers. When putting it into perspective though, I realised that spending £40 on a pair of jeans from Topshop which is absolute bunk quality is quite ridiculous. I could put in the extra £50 and ensure fabulous quality, oh and a designer label at the same time. All I can say is, never let the name put you off! Loads of her pieces are versatile too, she designs her stuff so garms can be warn in different ways but you can still make a statement at the same time. Oh and if you're a full on accessory junkie like me, her stuff is more than worth checking out! I have two sets of her earrings and a necklace - they are more than worth the money because I pretty much live in them! Next on the list, I'll defo be investing in one of her gems of a bag.

Hope you enjoy the snaps!


February 04, 2015

Today I treated myself to a Chaiholics. I am OBSESSED with Chai Tea and seriously cannot imagine  my life without this spicy tea. It is super wintery tasting and a dream when you're feeling a teeny bit ill. Chaiholics has got to be one of my fave places in Cardiff too, they offer a variety of Chai's and I guarantee you will NEVER get bored of what they have to offer. If you're from Cardiff, defo give it a go you will not regret it. Plus the staff there are the loveliest people that I have ever come across! 

Mexican food is up there with one of my faves. Especially Chiquitos! Ever since I first tried the Sante Fe I literally have not stopped thinking about it at all it is literally all that I crave. Today I managed to convince my house mates we needed to get to Chiquitos for Mexican grub and a catch up. It didn't take much convincing which I am super glad about because I got to fulfil my Sante Fe cravings. Yummy.

Me and my housemate Liam decided a trip to Bristol was pretty essential. Even though we went out on Friday night we were little troopers and woke up at silly o clock to get on the train for a lil adventure. I love Bristol, it's a real cute city and I always wish the uni did my course! I am trying to get back into using my camera too so it was nice to get a few snaps around Bristol. Can't wait to have another visit back there ASAP.

I am TERRIBLE at saving money and my obsession with Vans is actually becoming quite unhealthy. But these Vans are my dream, I'm a sucker for platform shoes and these are just EVERYTHING. I must stop spending money though, well especially on Vans, I genuinely cannot even count how many Vans I have because there are way tooooooo many! Somebody help?

Heres a verrrrry hungover Reen who is actually wearing colour! Well that's if you count this blouse as colourful woops me. It's quite formal looking for a gal like me too, so well done me for smartening myself up a teeny bit. Maybe I should clean my room though, or somebody clean it for me. THANKS.


Last week I finally decided it was time to go visit one of my friends in Oxford. After constantly promising her to visit after she came to visit me in Cardiff I thought it was about time to go visit her gaff. Plus after an extremely stressful couple of months with deadlines I thought I'd finally do it and take a break from this Cardiff life. All I can say it is one of the prettiest places that I have ever been too, I think I actually annoyed Beth by the amount of times I squealed "oh my God Beth that is so pretty!!!! Sorry if you read this, I bet you can hear me saying that in your head right now woopsy.

As soon as I got to Oxford, I was quite honestly amazed by the beautiful architecture. As a busy city it has quite modern aspects mixed with traditional architecture meaning it had really English vibes to it. We stopped off and had food in Beth's work place which was super yummy and headed down to get some bubble tea! Everywhere I go I have to try bubble tea just because I am well and truly obsessed, and it was surprisingly nice to go to a bubble tea that had a contemporary feel to it! On the night we went to a place called Purple Turtle which was a mix of pop punk and cheesy jams which basically sums up my ideal night to be honest. Plus it was super cheap, and I have heard a lot of things about this place so it was good to finally check it out. They played Taylor Swift - Shake It Off, and in my eyes any place that plays that deserves a frickin' medal. Well done Purple Turts (Beth and her friends got annoyed at me for calling it that), but you did good!

One thing I did notice about Oxford was their love for bikes. Everywhere I went there were literally 537892364802374289472389 bikes which has got me thinking I need a bike in my life. Plus, everyone was dressed pretty sick and I can say it is one of the most cultural cities that I have been!

I'll be getting back down to Oxford again ASAP, can anybody recommend any other places I should check out? 


January 19, 2015

So I promised myself that I would try my hardest to get back into blogging this year, I feel terrible about abandoning this blog considering there was a time that I was proper into it! Some of you probably remember a street style blog that I made about a year ago, well the plan is to get back into that ASAP after I submit my final deadlines. Just going to get working on changing the layout and buying the domain, if anyone wants to help out then give me a shout! That’s enough of my ramblings for now; I thought I’d do an outfit of the day post. Yeah, they are still as awkward as ever because I never quite know what to do when it comes to getting in front of the camera! Queue bitch face Reen.

The last few days we’ve had a bit of sun and no sighting of rain! Wales is full of rain normally so I guess it’s kind of nice to not have to fight the stormy weather. I actually think this is my fave type of weather because the faux fur is allowed to come out and I don’t end up walking around looking like a drenched rat – which is always a bonus I guess! This faux fur coat is probably the warmest thing I’ve ever come across and was a gem from Warehouse a few years back but still has its safe spot in my wardrobe. 

As per, the rest of me is in black! I do live by wearing black clothing ALL of the time, it is just effortless and my eye for some reason gets drawn to the colour, my wardrobe is 99% black clothing. The photo does it no justice but I’m actually in a velvet croptop, which I absolutely adore. I’ve always been a sucker for velvet! Teamed with a pair of skinny jeans for this look the velvet is super casual, but velvet works extremely well on a night out when styled well too! Miss-Guided you did well with this one, thanks a bunch!

The shoes are my Vagabonds, which my lovely friends got me for my 21st birthday. To say I’m obsessed with Vagabonds is probably the understatement of the year; I even embarrassingly cried tears of happiness when I opened these bad boys. My friends have ripped it out of me since because I’m known as the girl who quite literally never cries. I guess I may be a teeny weeny bit in love with them and I have lived in them ever since, I probably should point out that they are hella comfy too!

Jewellery wise I’ve overdone it, as per. I feel naked when I’m not wearing this much though!  My housemate pointed out I was only wearing 8 rings which is quite minimal for me, so I guess I’m slowly learning how to cut down! My fave is my Pandora birthstone ring, which luckily for me is my fave colour! I’ve also got my cheeky Casio out, which is probably the most basic but best watch I have ever owned.

Who else is enjoying layering up?

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