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January 19, 2015

So I promised myself that I would try my hardest to get back into blogging this year, I feel terrible about abandoning this blog considering there was a time that I was proper into it! Some of you probably remember a street style blog that I made about a year ago, well the plan is to get back into that ASAP after I submit my final deadlines. Just going to get working on changing the layout and buying the domain, if anyone wants to help out then give me a shout! That’s enough of my ramblings for now; I thought I’d do an outfit of the day post. Yeah, they are still as awkward as ever because I never quite know what to do when it comes to getting in front of the camera! Queue bitch face Reen.

The last few days we’ve had a bit of sun and no sighting of rain! Wales is full of rain normally so I guess it’s kind of nice to not have to fight the stormy weather. I actually think this is my fave type of weather because the faux fur is allowed to come out and I don’t end up walking around looking like a drenched rat – which is always a bonus I guess! This faux fur coat is probably the warmest thing I’ve ever come across and was a gem from Warehouse a few years back but still has its safe spot in my wardrobe. 

As per, the rest of me is in black! I do live by wearing black clothing ALL of the time, it is just effortless and my eye for some reason gets drawn to the colour, my wardrobe is 99% black clothing. The photo does it no justice but I’m actually in a velvet croptop, which I absolutely adore. I’ve always been a sucker for velvet! Teamed with a pair of skinny jeans for this look the velvet is super casual, but velvet works extremely well on a night out when styled well too! Miss-Guided you did well with this one, thanks a bunch!

The shoes are my Vagabonds, which my lovely friends got me for my 21st birthday. To say I’m obsessed with Vagabonds is probably the understatement of the year; I even embarrassingly cried tears of happiness when I opened these bad boys. My friends have ripped it out of me since because I’m known as the girl who quite literally never cries. I guess I may be a teeny weeny bit in love with them and I have lived in them ever since, I probably should point out that they are hella comfy too!

Jewellery wise I’ve overdone it, as per. I feel naked when I’m not wearing this much though!  My housemate pointed out I was only wearing 8 rings which is quite minimal for me, so I guess I’m slowly learning how to cut down! My fave is my Pandora birthstone ring, which luckily for me is my fave colour! I’ve also got my cheeky Casio out, which is probably the most basic but best watch I have ever owned.

Who else is enjoying layering up?


January 17, 2015
So it was Kate Moss's birthday yesterday but I was too busy in the library so you're going to have to deal with this post a day late. It's just a cheeky lil Moss appreciation post really! Enjoy.

On her first runway show, at age 16 in Paris:
"I was so nervous that I couldn’t eat all day.  The runway was the longest one I’ve ever seen.  I felt like it went on forever and I was up there on my own. Then afterwards, we went to watch the video at his [John Galliano’s] office and someone had stolen all the champagne. There was only whiskey and I drank so much that I passed out at his dinner.  I was supposed to be back at school on Monday morning and I was still in Paris on Wednesday!"


Weirdly, this is probably the least emo look I have EVER put together. My house mates literally were like "what the fuck, where's Reen?!". Their saying that a lot lately, better get back to my emo self ASAP before people start talkin! But yeah, excuse the messy room but weirdly enjoying this pastel blue knit - thankfully it goes with black!  

Here's the lovely Josie (check out her blog too) on her sober night out to Bump n Grind. Me and Liam convinced her it would be doable and I'll give it to Jose, she did do very well! Stayed out until 3am completely sober bless her lil cotton socks! Don't quite know how, I think I'd fall to the floor and try and sleep but fairs!

So this week I received a quite obviously junk email from Eunice. Bless him, it comes to something though when the only guy chatting me up is quite clearly a junk emailer oh and also thinks I'm a man. Bless you Eunice. 

Looks this week have been VERY casual and I really haven't gone for style over substance in the slightest. The weather has been absolutely horrific so I've been wrapped up in many chunky knits. The amount of layers I've been wearing have quite literally been endless to try and keep me warm. Doesn't work though, if you know me you know that I'm ALWAYS cold. 

Deadlines meet shit loads of coffee breaks and getting away from the library. In my case, it seems my choice of change in scenery is to head to Starbucks which is quite terrible when I'm trying to save my money. But yeah, thank you coffee for helping me through these deadlines - don't know where I would be without you! 

I decided to get back into illustration and it is so weird to do so because it's been like nearly four years since I've done any! I've always been into illustration and I still constantly regret not doing Graphics at uni but I guess it's something I can get back into in my spare time again. 


I've done a classic Reen and left a fair chunk of work until the last minute. Yup thats one deadline down and two more to go in the space of a week - wish me luck! I guess the two essays I have left are a teeny bit exciting, well as exciting as an essay can get. One of them is a photography essay and one of them is based on public relations - something I'm a sucker for! So a lot more exciting than a campaign report I guess. 

It's weird to finally feel this third year uni student pressure that everyone moans about. I've been back in Cardiff for only a teeny bit over a week and found myself in the library pretty much all day everyday since. I actually think the librarians are feeling sick at the sight of me daily, oh and hating on me for being that prick who cannot do any work unless she is blasting extremely heavy music through her headphones. Sorry Bute librarians!

I was going to do a post on how to cope with the stresses of uni but I haven't really got any tips, because admittedly I am the girl who gets easily distracted and cannot say no to a night out and then I just get into this vicious cycle of stress. Terrible really considering I have so much work to do! The only advice I have is sit back and pop some cinnamon incense sticks on because that chills me out a fair bit! I'm also heading home for a few days on Monday, just because quite frankly I am getting sick and tired of spending everyday in the library. Fingers crossed I won't get too distracted at home though ey!

I'm writing this here, but chances are I will not stick to this. It's hit me that I only have one more term left of uni so the plan is after these deadlines to sit back and have a think about what the heck I want to do with my life after. If anyone has any ideas for me then please let me know, because I'm pretty clueless right now! 

Hope you're all coping okay with revision / deadlines! Just think it'll all be over soon!

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