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July 27, 2015

If you've been keeping an eye on my blog then you will know my love for Keaton Henson. I have to say he is up there as an artist - visually, lyrically, and musically. I've had one of those days where I've felt a bit crappy and listening to Keaton Henson & looking through his illustration has made me fall in love with illustration all over again. I keep going through phases where I pick up my sketchbook and feel committed to it but always find myself distracted, but these are the sort of things I feel like I want to focus on for a while now. If you haven't checked him out then I seriously recommend you do, I really can't fucking wait for his book of poetry either! 


Quite a few blogs I've been following lately have been doing this, and it made me realise it would be quite nice to do the same. So here are the 13 things I wish I could have told my younger self. Imagine you could send back these messages?! 

1) It's okay to take risks. However big or small the risk you won't know the consequences unless you try, and often there is no harm in trying. You're only going to hear this at 21 years old, and its crazy to think you've always been so scared of risks before.
2) Failing is okay. Sometimes when you fail at the smallest of things the whole world feels like it's going to end, but realistically it isn't. Accepting failure shouldn't be so tough.
3) Stop stressing about small things! Okay that ones easier said that done, especially when anxiety kicks in because of stress, but half the time stressing isn't going to get you anywhere. Place the negativity of stress into positive actions.
4) This ones more of an observation from seeing people close to me being hurt, but at the one time you feel like everything's going to end because a boy/girl has given up you it seriously isn't. Trust me, theres so much worse going to happen, don't let 'em knock you down!
5) It's okay to take time out from education and focus on having a good time once in a while, after all it's all about balance, right?
6) Your closest friends from your childhood may feel like they're drifting away, but the friendships that are real understand that its' all part of growing up. You may not speak in weeks but that message to meet up ever so often just shows they're true friends.
7) Growing up is really scary and you're going to miss the freedom of your only stress being that essay on Jaws for English Lit. Hit 21 and your stresses will be about bills, bills, oh and more bills! But don't worry, you'll get your head around it.
8) Don't let people talk to you like crap and always stand up for what you believe. Nobody has any power over you to talk to you like shit, everyone is equal after all. 
9) You're going to realise that a lot of what you've done in life is to try and make your mother proud and believe me she is extremely proud, and it is literally such a heart warming feeling seeing your mother proud; especially after what she has been through.
10) People will constantly be coming in and out of your life; family, friends, and all types of relationships. But accept it, everything happens for a reason. 
11) Be kind, theres nothing nicer than people being kind and good karma will come your way.
12) You're going to have those days where you feel shit about how you look and your self esteem is going to be at an all time low because you don't fit somebodies ideal and PMS is completely bitchin' at you. But you'll learn to realise that as long as you're happy within yourself then everything will be okay. 
13) Everything pays off. Those late nights doing essays and revision, all of those summers working away will eventually seem worth it. You'll come out of Uni feeling ridiculously happy with what you've achieved and even be toddling off to your own place soon so always keep in mind that hard work = rewards. 


Woah. I don't know where time has gone, but I did it! I went and did a god damn graduation! Scariest but nicest day of my life. It was so lovely to see everyone proud of what they had achieved and the day was full of shit loads of champagne and cocktails, which in my eyes is the perfect sort of day. If I had it my way graduation would happen at least once a week just so it would be acceptable to be that drunk that often, but also to feel proud of everything that had been achieved. Shout out to JOMEC Class of 2015 man, we did it yo.

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