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January 31, 2016

I probably shouldn't be putting pressure on myself to sort my life out at 22 years old but I guess its a pretty natural thing to do. It was only a couple of nights ago I went for dinner with my mom and her friends and she was telling them how on a weekly basis I ring her to tell her that thats the week that I will sort my life out. Approximately 25 weeks into approaching Cardiff with an adult outlook I guess it is about time I stop ringing my mom weekly and finally sort stuff out! I'm pretty grateful for different experiences I've picked up a long the way and I'm still doing all my social media work for Cheer Up which keeps my main passion towards digital marketing alive! But now it's time to put my passions and my experience together and actually develop and learn some new skills. I miss learning. Everyone has a reason to do so and my reason is that I literally just want to be able to live in my own place and have a lovely home that I know I've worked hard for but also enjoyed working for too. So heres just a few photos I've collated from Pinterest which I guess I can look back on for motivation.

Maybe adulting doesn't suck as much as I thought?


January 29, 2016

Feminism [noun]; 

"The belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state."

Cambridge English Dictionary.

I guess thats a pretty straightforward definition of what feminism is despite the common misconception that feminists are a whiney bunch that like to just moan about men. The word same is pretty key in this definition because put quite simply feminism is about equality; allowing women and men to the same rights and more key allowing both genders to to live the same life. Imagine if women weren't able to work and weren't able to vote? Sounds pretty bizarre doesn't it, but thanks to feminist movements this has been achieved. Of course theres not full equality just yet (pay divisions etc), but the constant support of this movement hopes to achieve this. With female empowerment being pretty prominent in popular culture within the 21st century and celebrities such as Beyonce being quite open about being part of the feminist movement this ideology has become more acceptable which is providing hope for full equality at one point. Instead of being feared, feminism is being celebrated.

To some extent it worries me though how much feminism is being commercialised because of this celebration. I've seen for example girls wearing t-shirts that say 'feminism' on them but have no idea what the ideology is about. Sure its great getting the message out there but I guess it's not so great making £7.99 out of young girls that have no idea about the history of the movement or whats going on on a broader scale. I think I got ticked off more than anything when I heard a young girls reaction to a jumper in H&M that stated feminism was a radical movement for equality. This girl turned around to her friend and said something a long the lines of "I don't care about feminism" when her friend jokingly started waving it around in her face whilst laughing. I guess to some extent I got slightly angry, not at the girl, but at the fact that young girls aren't being educated about the struggles women have had to go through in the past to get to where they are.

I guess the whole point of this post is that it's shocked me how there are girls that are roughly ten years younger than me and still don't seem to have any idea about feminist ideology. What does this mean about feminism? After everything that both women and men have had to go through in the past to achieve equality there is still a clear problem in communicating it all to younger generations. Personal experience wise my interest in feminism stemmed from doing an A Level in Communication and Culture, an A Level that the AQA felt wasn't worthy enough to learn. If I hadn't chosen that A Level I wouldn't have gotten into feminist studies and gone onto further study in university. So with this A Level being abolished it quite frankly worries me where else younger people are able to develop an interest in such ideologies.  Nothing against the likes of Taylor Swift (I adore her) but what does it mean for feminism if the modern girl believes feminism is all about writing lash back songs about boys that cheat on them. I adore the girl but is that what the notion of equality is becoming? Worrying.

Oh and for any younger girls reading this, trust me there is nothing to be ashamed about when claiming your a feminist. 


January 28, 2016

My love for plants is growing to a slightly unhealthy level. I'm away from Cardiff for two weeks and I have left the lives of my plants in the hands of my housemates and I feel so nervous to go back to them. Slightly unhealthy is probably an understatement. 

I got a ridiculously cute tattoo on the back of my arm. It's a crescent moon and I have been contemplating it for the past 4 years. Without sounding too lame but it's kind of the representation of changing into an adult, and as I grow I plan to develop it. Next stage is at 30, where Luna will be joined by the sun.

I think finding the terrible news of Bowie passing was one of the most shocking moments. I had started work at 6am and didn't find out until my lunch break. I think I find it more shocking that a majority of people didn't know who he was but seeing this on my road really shows how such an individual was a pioneer for not only music but many other aspects of lifestyle too. RIP BOWIE.

I forced Ben to take me to IKEA so I could fill my room up with more plants. I can safely say that filling my room in Cardiff with plants has given it that comforting edge, I'm not a student anymore so it gives it more of a mature feel too. 

I have two weeks off work so it means being lazy with my clothing situation. It also means no getting up at 4am for 6am starts for 2 weeks, perfecto.  PS Cheer Up Clothing sent me this beanie over a year ago now and I literally still live in it, I'd defo recommend - especially for bad hair days like the one I was having here! 

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably see how obsessed I am getting with Lush. So I thought it was time to organise my scrubs, bath oils and all those other odds and bodds. The bathbombs have their trusty little box on the floor too! Lush you are so bad for my bank balance but so good to my skin so I can forgive you.


January 07, 2016

Woah. I haven't posted in forever! I guess that has a lot to do with the transition of turning into an adult from a student, but I reckon I'm over that transition for now. So whats new? I officially turned 22 (old, yuck!), moved back to Cardiff and now I'm literally at that point where I don't know where my life is going. Sounds scary saying that but I guess 22 isn't that old and maybe 2016 is the year I figure plans out! I've also decided that 2016 is going to be the year I no longer use the excuse of being 'too tired' to make time for the things I am passionate about; blogging, fashion, illustration/graphic design and photography. Adult routine is no excuse to stop doing things I enjoy - to some extent anyway. So yeah, that is my 2016 resolution I guess. It's taken me 7 days to come up with it but I reckon it's a good start, what resolutions have you guys got in mind?

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