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December 29, 2014


So ever so often, I do enjoy doing a little Instagram update on my blog. I guess it's incase you don't have an insight to my life on there because I am shamefully a Instagram sell-out. Yup, I post pretty much anything I can - woops me! But yeah here are a few things I've been getting up to lately.

Whilst I've been back at home over Christmas, I've been working back at Mee-Cha. Everytime I come home I always end up doing a few shifts, and it's so nice to see how much this business has developed!  It's gone from something so small to something well established. I still remember my first shift, I was so scared because I didn't really understand the bubble tea hype and ever since I have been obsessed. If you haven't tried Mee-Cha's teas then you really need to give it ago, and I'm not just saying that because I work there!

For Christmas, me my mom and brother traveled up to Leeds to stay with my aunty and cousins. It was so nice to go back to Leeds, I spent so much of my childhood there and growing up just meant so many things got in the way of me going back down for a very very long time. Even though my mom made us travel down at 6 am it was real nice, and I wrapped up in the chunkiest of knitwear ever. Mmm!

Birmingham over Christmas is one of the nicest things. I love it. The German Market is amazing, and each year it is pretty much what I look forward too! It literally just screams Christmas in your face and already I am super stoked for it to come back to Birmingham next year! Check it out next year if you haven't, because you're seriously missing out on one of the nicest things!

So for my birthday, Cheer Up Clothing sent me some really cute gifts! And these Cosmic Socks are hella comfy and kept me super warm in my cold student home conditions! This is a snap I took after I submitted my final deadline of 2014, of course pizza was needed to celebrate that occasion.

When I got back from Leeds I came home to a lovely parcel from Asos. This playsuit is defo going to be one of my fave things in my wardrobe now. It is quite colourful for a girl like me, but I'll be emo-ing it the fuck up with all black everything else. Asos did a good.


Oh dear! I am guilty of completely being too busy to keep up to date with this blog, uni deadlines, work experience, working my job and trying to keep a social life it seems has got in the way! That will stop though don't you worry! FYI, so much has happened since I last posted, this year has been hella crazy to say the least and so much has changed when I think about it. I guess the fact that so much has changed in my life over the past few months has been a huge reason as to why I haven't been keeping this up to date. But yeah things are finally getting back on track, with 2015 on it's way I thought I'd be one of those lame bloggers who takes a cheeky little look back on the year. Here are a few snaps, I hope they don't bore you too much!

                                                                            I turned the big fat 21 :(

                                                                   I stepped out of my comfort zone

                            But in all fairness, I stayed in my comfort zone with my emo drunken nights 

                             Something told me this year it was acceptable to wear glitter wherever the fuck I went

I moved into a pretty sweet new house with some okay-ish house mates I guess (you're all my gf's if you read this)

I got Beth so drunk at Snobs that she spent the night spewing in my house

I entered my final year of university - how scary!

I wore way too much black, although in my eyes there is no such thing.

Now I'm just hella excited for nye! Hope you all have a good'un.

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