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Hello! Just a quick introduction so you know about the girl behind the blog. My name is Reena and I'm a 23 year old girl who enjoys lovely little adventures. I'm originally from Birmingham but after studying Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies in Cardiff for three years I've decided to move back there. I've always had a huge interest in different cultures and how they build up our society, hence why I chose to study this at University and a lot of this will show through my blog. Who knows what the future holds ey? But in an ideal world I would be a social media princess. But until then I will continue to blog and doodle in my sketch book.

Firstly, I guess I should explain the reason behind the name of this blog. Oceans Burning is a song by a band I love called The Horrors, and it sounds so magical and beautiful. Something about that name just clicked with me and it seemed suitable for this blog, which is hopefully giving you a magical insight to beautiful things. I'm an avid lover of different types of music, illustration, fashion, graphic design and lifestyle in general. I hope you enjoy your time at Oceans Burning!

If you fancy getting in touch with me then don't be afraid to contact me. The best ways to contact me are available here, but it's probably best to get me VIA email, no matter who you are! If you are a company and want me to review a product then I am happy to do so too. My email address is .
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